PSA: Filing Complaints with the Utah Insurance Department

Sometimes injured workers feel that the workers compensation insurance company is treating them unfairly. This is actually the case more often than you may think! Injured workers have a few options they can take in order to correct unfair treatment.

Hiring a lawyer is one such option. However, since hiring lawyers costs money, it’s good to know of free alternate options in case hiring a lawyer doesn’t fit your specific case. For example, consumers–including injured workers–are able to seek help and file complaints through the Utah Insurance Department. The Utah Insurance Department oversees insurance companies’ activities. They ensure insurance companies are following the law in handling claims.  You can report unfair treatment by calling the Utah Insurance Department at 1-800-439-3805 or filing a written complaint at

Sometimes it is hard to tell if you really are being treated unfairly or not. If you are unsure or confused about how the insurance company is treating your case, we offer free legal consultations to help you seek the best remedies in your specific situation. There is no pressure to hire us in the initial consultation. We simply give you the facts and guidance concerning where you can go from there!